Who is The Wisest Penny? (2/2 Posts)

Now that you have read the first half of my story, let's get on with it. Remember those shiny credit cards well I decided to take action. I met with one of those debt consolidation companies assuming they would help me figure out a plan and I realized that they weren't going to do anything about my interest rates; their goal was to keep my cards open and have me pay them off over the course of years with a 25% interest rate. That wasn't going to work for me! I started hounding the credit card companies and eventually got all my cards down to a 0% interest and decided to close them (we just had to break up, it was me not you). I paid off over 20k in credit card debt in about a year by developing a plan, creating a budget and aligning my money with my goals--it wasn’t easy and I worked tremendously hard, but it was an AMAZING feeling to get rid of that debt. 

Because of this journey I am passionate about money, and educating others on what not to do and on how to plan a way out of the mess they have created or are thinking of creating. On top of my first hand experience being in the debt trenches I am continuing my education in Finance taking online courses and pursuing professional development.

Together we can identify your goals and develop a plan of action to make your future a little less negative (ha, finance humor) and I promise not to call you dumb! For more about my financial life and topics that I feel are important follow this blog. If you are sick and tired of feeling broke, lost and want to take control of your money contact me at rita@thewisestpenny.com to get started!

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