Birth, Babies, and Money

I had the pleasure of having a booth at the first Birth & Babies Fair held in Frederick, MD sponsored by The Birthing Circle of Frederick. The Birthing Circle is a community organization that provides pregnancy, birth and post-partum support they "strive to improve the health and well-being of the local community, one family at a time. They provide peer-to-peer support in person and online to families through the childbearing process." Their website offers a list of local resources, a lending library and a calendar full of locally scheduled events to support mothers.

You may ask well why was The Wisest Penny at a birthing fair?! and that is a great question. For those of you who don't know I have 9 month old named Penelope (a.k.a Pea, or Penny). I had various types of support during my pregnancy, birth and post-partum period however, I know that some of those resources were only available to me because I had a substantial savings. For example, I was able to take a 4 month leave to stay home with my daughter and I also had a Doula for my birth.

Having a first child is an amazing and wonderful experience but with parenthood comes financial concerns. Suddenly your expenses have gone through the roof, (daycare in the US especially located near major cities is beyond expensive approx. 2k a month). Often during this time soon-to-be or newly minted parents start to dream about owning a home in a nice neighborhood or sought after school district, they start worrying about saving for college, or maybe start considering private school tuition. All of these life concerns are deeply rooted in financial concerns. 

The Wisest Penny seeks to assist households across all income levels to achieve their goals in life. I can help you establish and understand how to maintain a realistic budget, live within your means and set goals for a brighter future. This isn't solely about budgeting, there are plenty of forms you can print out online to do that on your own. My services encompass a holistic view of your entire financial life, we begin by building a foundation for your goals and work together to develop a plan to get you to stop just dreaming and start achieving.

As part of the Birth & Babies Fair I am offering scholarships to soon-to-be or newly minted parents to assist them in preparing financially pre-and-post baby, families do not have to located in or near Frederick, MD I will also take remote clients. If you are a single parent this includes you too. If you have been a parent for a while and would like assistance as well please do not hesitate to fill out the scholarship application!!

Download the scholarship application, fill out and email to

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