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The Wisest Penny

Your Personal Coach, Rita Shewbridge

This is the place where I am supposed to tell you all about myself and my qualifications but this journey is NOT about me, it is about YOU. The most important thing you need to know about me is that I am deeply committed to learning more about your personal and professional goals. I am here to support you in fulfilling your potential.

Still need qualifications? I am a perpetual student, I believe in life long learning and have taken that to heart. I consider myself a Jane of All Trades and that gives me an edge when working with my financial and life coaching clients. I have been where you are! Through hard life lessons I have navigated the world of debt and there is nothing you could tell me about your money that will scare or surprise me! 

In my other life I have a BS,  two MS's, and completed coursework towards a PhD. Due to my love of Finance I am now working towards my certification as an Accredited Financial Counselor to better serve my clients. In addition to my services, I volunteer with the United Way as a Budget Coach and as a Mentor for Women's Money. Suffice it to say I am one wise penny! 




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