Get ready to take control of your finances.

Get ready to take control of your life.

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The Wisest Penny is a money & life coaching company focused on personalized assistance either through in-home visits or remote sessions. Financial coaching services include working with individuals on managing money, developing a plan to get out of debt, establishing a budget, and working to recognize the behaviors associated with overspending. The Wisest Penny works one-on-one with  life coaching clients to help them make successful changes in their lives by working together, developing goals, and formulating strategies to help them achieve more.


What Is a Financial Coach?

A financial coach assists you with every day problems. Dealing with debt, credit issues and building fundamental financial skills. We do activities to discover the reasons for the issues in the first place. We work with you towards goal setting, money management, credit building, debt reduction and saving. 

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My Services

I offer Personal Financial Coaching for individuals and families. Small Business Coaching focused on operations and marketing. Life Coaching to dream, set goals, and fulfill your potential. I also run group financial education seminars as well as workshops. All income levels can benefit from working with me one-on-one. Select the link below to learn more about my services.

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Musings About Money

Musing about Money is a personal blog where I share my own financial journey and hopefully answer some of your questions along the way. Send me an email if there is a topic you want covered. I will also post about events on this blog. 

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"Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better with change"

— Jim Rohn

"Make yourself a priority, don't just sit there--take action on your dreams" 

 — YOU (YES, YOU!)

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